Privacy statement E-Moodboard B.V.

This document contains the privacy statement of the private limited company (Besloten vennootschap met gewone structuur) E-Moodboard B.V. (hereafter ‘E-Moodboard’). E-Moodboard is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with registration number 78633184 and is established at Soestdijkseweg Zuid 87 C3, 3732 HE De Bilt, The Netherlands. This document describes how E-Moodboard processes your personal details. E-Moodboard handles your personal details with the greatest possible care.


Acquisition of personal data

When you use the services of E-Moodboard, you provide personal data to E-Moodboard or personal data will be obtained in light of the agreement. Personal data means all data related to an identified or identifiable natural person.


Categories of personal data

E-Moodboard processes the following categories of personal data:

      Name, address and contact details

      Company details

      Delivery address

      Financial details

      Account details, including password and user name

      Order history

      Further personal date provided by yourself.


Purpose of the processing of information

The personal data that are being processed by E-Moodboard serve to:

      Contact you and inform you about the purchased services and the execution thereof;

      The execution of Moodboard’s services;

      Improvement of Moodboard’s services;

      Realization of payments;

      Compliance with legal obligations;

      Realization of marketing and communication;

      Improvement of the website through the analyses of visitor behavior on the website;

      Delivery of newsletters;

      Data exchange with third parties for the benefit of the execution of services.


Foundation of the processing of information

The processing of personal data is only possible based on the following foundations: (i) legal obligations, (ii) execution of agreement, (iii) received (explicit) consent of involved parties, and (iv) justified interest. Personal data is processed during the execution of the services of E-Moodboard. E-Moodboard exclusively processes the data that E-Moodboard deems necessary for the (improvement of the) services and carefully treats the (personal) data that she has collected about you and your use of the services. The foundation for the processing of these data is the agreement you entered into with E-Moodboard. It is possible that personal data is processed by visiting the website if you have given consent for this data collection.


Necessity of the processing of information

The collection of your personal details is necessary for the realization of our services. The services E-Moodboard offers can’t be fully executed without the processing of your personal data. If explicit consent is needed for specific purposes in relation to your personal details, you should give your consent separately


Automated decision-making

There is no question of automated decision-making.


Retention period

The personal data processed by E-Moodboard will be retained in accordance with relevant legislation and regulations. If a longer retention period is necessary bases on legislation and regulations, personal data will be retained longer in accordance with these requirements. All (obtained) personal data will not be retained longer than strictly necessary.


Processing by third parties

E-Moodboard only shares personal data with third parties when this is strictly necessary for the execution of the agreement and to meet relevant legislation and regulations. No personal data will be sold. E-Moodboard can be legally bound to share personal data with third parties. If personal data is shared with third parties, data processing agreements will be made. Third parties with whom personal data can be shared are:

      Engaged delivery service(s), in support of the execution of the agreement. The categories of personal data which can be processed are name, address and contact details, and location details.

      Payment Provider, in support of the execution of the agreement. The categories of personal data which can be processed are financial details.

      Accountant, in support of the execution of the agreement. The categories of personal data which can be processed are name, address and contact details, and financial details.

      Software suppliers, in support of the execution of the agreement. The categories of personal data which can be processed are the e-mail address and the IP address.

      Application and website manager and hosting, in support of the execution of the agreement. The categories of personal data which can be processed are the e-mail address and the IP address.

      Suppliers of the E-Moodboard and the set of emotion signs. The categories of personal data which can be processed are name, address and contact details, and the delivery address



Protection of personal data

E-Moodboard takes the protection of your personal data serious and takes adequate technical and organizational measures, taking in account the state of technology, execution costs, as well as the nature, size, context and processing purposes, and the different risks in term of likelihood and severity to the rights and liberties of people, to guarantee a level of security adapted to the risk.


Younger than 16 years old?

If you are a minor, i.e. younger than 16 years old, you can only give consent to the processing of your personal data with the authorization of one of your parents or your legal guardian. It is important that your parent(s) or legal guardian reads this statement. They can exercise the rights that you have with regard to the personal data you leave with us, such as the right to object to (further) processing of your personal data or the right to inspect and correct your data.



By using the website you agree with the disclaimer. E-Moodboard reserves the right at any time to change the content of her website and/or this disclaimer without informing her costumers and/or users of the website about these changes. The content of the website has been composed with the greatest possible diligence, but can nevertheless contain possible inaccuracies or be incomplete. E-Moodboard does not accept under any circumstances liability for damage caused by or due to the use of the website. The use of the website is at full risk and expense of the user of the website. No rights can be granted to the content of the website. All texts on the website are protected by copyright and property of E-Moodboard, insofar they don’t belong to third parties.


Cookie statement

E-Moodboard uses technical and functional cookies to optimize the functioning of the website. Cookies are small text files that are sent along whilst visiting the website to make the users experience of the visitors more efficient. E-Moodboard is entitled by law to store cookies on your device when these cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of the website. The use of other cookies needs your explicit consent. We advise to accept cookies in support of the user-friendliness of the website.

The cookies E-Moodboard uses are technical and functional cookies: these cookies make sure the website functions duly. These cookies have no consequences to the personal environment, therefore, consent does not have to be asked or granted. With these cookies your browser settings are being saved, for example, so our website can be visited in the best way possible, or they make sure that our website remains accessible (load-balancing), as they ensure as well that other cookies may not be placed (no-follow).

On the website of E-Moodboard cookies are placed as well in support of Google Analytics. This means that E-Moodboard cannot relate information to a natural person. We don’t collect information of your activities on the internet. Google Analytics can be obliged based on applicable laws and regulations to allow access to these data. If you have any questions concerning these matters, you can contact us on


Browser settings

If you don’t want a website to place cookies on the device you are visiting the website with, you can change the browser settings. Before a cookie is placed, you will always receive a warning and will be asked to give consent for the placement of the cookie(s). If you don’t do this, it could have consequences for the functioning of the website, for example. You can change the settings of the browser in such a way that your browser refuses all cookies, including cookies of third parties. You can delete placed cookies as well. To do so, you have to change the settings of your browser in preferences and change the privacy settings.

This privacy declaration does not apply to the website of third parties that are connected to E-Moodboard’s website through links on the website. We can’t guarantee that these third parties treat your personal data in a confident and safe way. We advise you to read the privacy declaration of these websites before using them.


Rights of involved parties

As involved party you have the follow rights:

      Right of inspection;

As involved party you have the right to get confirmation whether or not your personal data has been processed and, if this is the case, to have access to the information concerning the processing thereof.

      Right on rectification;

You have to right to rectify or complement incorrect data.

      Right of erasure;

If requested, the involved party has the right to have their concerned personal data erased without unreasonable delay.

      Right to restriction of processing;

As involved party you have the right to a restriction of the processing of your personal data.
Please contact E-Moodboard for execution of this right.

      Right of transferability of your data;

An involved party has to right to receive the them concerning personal details, provided to E-Moodboard, in a structured, prevalent and machine-readable form, and to transmit these data to E-Moodboard without being hindered by the responsible person of the processing to whom these data have been transferred.

      Right of objection;

The involved party at all times has the right to object to the processing of the them concerning data for reasons related to their specific situation, including to the profiling based on these provisions. E-Moodboard will suspend the processing of the personal data unless compelling legitimate grounds for the processing weigh more heavily than the interests, liberties, and rights of the involved party, which hold connection to the execution, establishment or substantiation of a legal claim.


If you have a complaint about the way E-Moodboard treats your personal data, or if you wish to exercise one of the abovementioned rights, you can contact E-Moodboard on the website or per e-mail on To be sure and verify that you wish to exercise a right, E-Moodboard asks to send a copy of your ID attached to the message. You can anonymize your photo and MRZ (strip with numbers at the bottom of the passport) by making them black, to protect your privacy. E-Moodboard will react at your request as soon as possible, but no later than 4 weeks after receiving your request. This is the competent enforcement body. You can contact them through this link: (or in Dutch:


Changes Privacy Statement

E-Moodboard is allowed to change the privacy statement at all times. The most recent version is published on the website. You can keep an eye on the website for the newest version. We will notify you per e-mail if the new privacy state has any consequences for the way we proves the previously collected data.


This version is last revised at De Bilt on March 1th 2021